Characterizing optics with the highest accuracy and dynamic

Exceptional results come from accurate measurement. We conceive, build and support our products to meet and exceed our customers needs. For over 10 years, Imagine Optic wavefront sensors have become an industry standard for reliability and durability. Their independent yet simultaneous measurements of both phase and intensity are key in consistently providing customers with the high-quality wavefront metrology results they can depend on.

Aberration correction has never been simpler

Imagine Optic possesses a strong expertise in adaptive optics and offers a large range of deformable mirrors with diameters from 7 mm to more than 400 mm and within a frequency range of 0.5 Hz to more than 1 kHz. These mirrors are used in astronomy, high power laser or in life sciences. All of them offer a very large dynamic range, excellent optical quality and best coatings available including metallic, dielectric or hybrid technologies.

Custom products

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