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Deformable mirror for microscopy & ophthalmology


Deformable mirror for microscopy & ophthalmology

mu-DM is a versatile, single-piece design, electromagnetic deformable mirror, which can be implemented in an open-loop or along with a wavefront sensor in a closed-loop setting. 

mu-DM allows you to restore diffraction-limited PSF and to image deeper inside biological samples. In ophthalmology, by correcting ocular aberrations the deformable mirror enables exploration of retinal cells at high resolution. 

mu-DM deformable mirror


mu-DM is a Deformable Mirror (DM) for microscopy and ophthalmology containing 91 electromagnetic actuators organized in a centro-symmetrical pattern. The main highlights of this DM are:  

  • A high density of actuators 
  • Embedded electronics, for easier implementation 
  • A high dynamic range, linearity and stability 



Adaptive Optics Applications 

In microscopy :

+ Image deeper in your sample with correction capabilities that restore diffraction-limited Point Spread Function (PSF) in non-linear (like multiphoton) or light-sheet microscopy
+ Navigate in 3D in Single Molecule Localization Microscopy (SMLM) by shaping the PSF to your needs, using astigmatism or tetrapod 

In retinal imaging :

+ Explore retinal cells at high-resolution by correcting ocular aberrations in Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT), Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscopes (SLO) or flood illumination modalities 


Features of mu-DM deformable mirror for microscopy 

+ Fast closed-loop convergence and accurate sensorless correction with perfect linearity and absence of hysteresis
+ Preserved photon budget with achromatic, highly reflective and continuous membrane
+ Long-term stability with temporal drift automatic compensation
+ Large dynamic range with 50% of actuators stroke still available while generating 40 microns PtV of focus
+ Fine timing control with trigger-in and trigger-out features
+ Easy integration with electronics embedded in a single-piece design and connection via a USB3 cable
+ Correction up to 10th Zernike order thanks to optimized actuator layout 


Available Software for mu-DM deformable mirror 

WaveTune is a unique software that seamlessly combines wavefront measurement and correction features with extensive instrument diagnostics. This software contains all the necessary tools to calibrate the DM. It can also operate it in closed-loop with HASO wavefront sensor, as well as in open-loop and perform beam shaping. 

WaveKit Bio is a Software Development Kit (SDK), available in C++ and Python, specifically designed for microscopy applications. It contains all the necessary functions to implement sensorless AO, using image-based iterative algorithm (3N).