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HASO Multispectral

VIS-NIR spectrally-resolved wavefront sensor

HASO Multispectral

VIS-NIR spectrally-resolved wavefront sensor

Spectrally resolved wavefront sensor A very accurate, fast and versatile instrument for wavefront sensing , the HASO Multispectral is the first-ever spectrally-resolved wavefront sensor. Its wide spectral range coupled to the powerful HASO4-Broadband enables full characterization of TW/PW lasers’ performances, and optimization of the peak intensity on target. The HASO Multispectral builds on 25 years of expertise at Imagine Optic in providing high-end Shack-Hartmann sensors for metrology, adaptive optics and lasers. Check out the HASOs Table to see our Full HASO SERIES, compare specs and choose what fits your requirements !!

HASO Multispectral Wavefront Sensor

The Spectrally resolved wavefront sensor is the first-ever wavefront sensor on the market that has the ability to resolve the frequency on a broad 550 – 1000 nm spectral range. Coupled to our standard HASO4 Broadband, it enables full characterization of TW and PW class lasers in the goal of optimizing peak intensity on target.


Thousands of measurement points in the beam
Can accomodate near-field and far-field measurement
Spatio-spectral couplings measurements : angular dispersion, spectral focal shift, etc
Lightweight laptop-friendly software
SpotTracker auto-align technology

KEY SPECS of the spectrally resolved wavefront sensor

550 – 1000 nm spectral range
Very high spectral and spatial resolution
1Hz repetition rate, for standard [750-850] nm spectral range with 1nm resolution
Input beam : Collimated (default) – Any F/# (optional)


Physicists, laserists, and laser systems designers
Compressors alignment
Spatio-spectral couplings understanding and control
Characterization of compressed beam down to 5fs
Broadband systems alignment, wavefront sensing