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High-accuracy wavefront metrology for optics and lasers

Optical metrology is a keystone in the manufacturing of high-performance optical components and systems; it has been our core domain of expertise for the past 25 years. Imagine Optic has developed a full range of metrology tools in the VIS-NIR spectral range for optics quality control, optical system alignment, and surface measurement. Optimized for both production and R&D environments, Imagine Optic’s metrology instruments range from stand-alone Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensors to automated optical metrology systems. 

These instruments provide high quality measurements and offer outstanding versatility and user-friendliness in both hardware and software. They are capable of measuring numerous parameters: Modulation Transfer Function (MTF), Point Spread Function (PSF), wavefront aberrations, Zernike or Legendre polynomials, surface form, and optical quality.


MESO Metrology System


MESO instrument is an extremely robust metrology solution for easy at-wavelength testing of flat surfaces in any environments.

Its insensitivity to vibrations makes it the ideal tool for shop floor measurements close to the production line.

Test your flat optics, mirrors, filters and dichroics of diameters from 1.5’’ up to 6’’ at full LIFT resolution and at any wavelength in the VIS with the same instrument.

Take advantage of our innovative proprietary method to characterize (thin) plane parallel optics and obtain surface shape (RWE) of both surfaces and transmitted wavefront (TWE) with no preparation of the samples.




The Optical Engineer Companion in the VIS NIR brings plenty of advantages and multifunctions to Optical Engineers.

It combines at will and instantly any of our 6 HASO wavefront sensors in the VIS NIR with our R-FLEX2 metrology system and any of our 3 R-FLEX LA platforms for diameters ranging from 75 to 150 mm.

A selection of metrology laser sources at different wavelengths and focalization modules allow for dozens of different combinations and setups, making one of the most precious and multifunction set  of optics and photonics in the VIS NIR.


All our VIS NIR instruments are OEC compatible.

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