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SWIR optical characterization


SWIR optical characterization

The R-FLEX2 SWIR metrology system is the second generation of our versatile optical metrology system in the 1000-1700 nm range. It instantly combines our HASO4 SWIR or HAS04 SWIR 1550 wavefront sensors with a collimator and a light source.


The R-FLEX2 SWIR metrology system is the main component of the Optical Engineer Companion in the SWIR . Combined with our series of HASO’s and LA the Optical Engineer Companion modularity and clever design enable snap reconfigurations to switch between setups and applications while its accuracy and super-resolution make it the perfect omnitool for optical metrology on-the-go.



– Characterize optical surfaces
– Characterize chromatic aberrations
– Analyze the transmitted wavefront of optical systems with double-pass configuration
– Optimize the alignment of complex systems
– On and off-axis 3D MTF


KEY SPECS of R-FLEX2 SWIR metrology system

– Multiple options as per focusing objectives and collimating beam sizes
– λ/200 RMS measurement accuracy in double-pass configuration
– Insensitive to vibrations and atmospheric turbulence


– Standard or Custom adaptable F# modules
HASO SWIR and HASO4 SWIR 1550 compatible
– R-Flex LA SWIR compatible
– Standard or Custom Single Mode Laser Source
– Waveview4 software


Translation stages
Our ΘXΘY rotation stage for angular alignment or the 5-axis stage that provides 2-way rotation around X and Y axes as well as 3-way translation along X, Y and Z axes is a perfect complement to the HASO R-Flex system.
Software add-on
HASO R-Flex is delivered with WaveView software, which is a leading wavefront metrology software providing 180 independent features. We also offer optional software modules including MTF (Modulation Transfer Function) and PSF (Point Spread Function) that increase the functionality of HASO R-Flex system.
Reference mirrors
Spherical reference mirror (Ø20mm useful pupil, R=15mm, F/0.75) for the calibration of HASO R-Flex in double-pass measurement configuration Flat reference mirror for autocollimation. Several options are available in diameter and flatness.
Single-Mode Laser Source (SMLS)
For those who want to use their HASO R-Flex at different wavelengths, we provide additional singlemode diode lasers to further expand the versatility of the system. Please contact us if you prefer to use your own light source.
NEW: R-Flex Kit
Kit for R-Flex calibration check and maintenance. It includes a light source for pre-alignment and fiber checking, a dust remover, a telescopic mirror, a torch lamp, a plane mirror, a retroreflector, and the instruction for R-Flex calibration check.