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Adaptive Optics for bio-imaging

Optical components inside microscopes, such as objectives, lenses and mirrors, as well as any biological samples being examined can induce aberrations. Over the past 20 years, Imagine Optic has developed a number of solutions using Adaptive Optics (AO) to correct those aberrations and improve the contrast and resolution of acquired images for various microscopy modalities. Advanced use of AO also enables wavefront engineering and improving areas of imaging such as 3D single-molecule super-resolution at the cover slip as well as deeper in the biological sample.

Aberrations can be efficiently corrected using adaptive optics. Here for the correction of aberrations we used MicAO 3DSR – an adaptive optics device containing Shack-Hartman-type wavefront sensor and continuous membrane deformable mirror. By correcting the spherical aberration we can obtain perfectly symmetrical PSF along the Z axis at the depth reaching 50µm in the sample. After the aberration correction, MicAO 3DSR can apply variable amount of astigmatism for three-dimensional imaging.


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