Wavefront sensing and adaptive optics

wavefront sensor | HASO 32

Optical metrology

HASO is now a reference tool in optical metrology. The level of performance offered by our Shack-Hartmann and Hartmann wavefront sensors allows performing reliable characterization on any type of components, at any wavelengths, in any environment. Imagine Optic has the expertise to address any measurement challenges and provide customized solutions for science & industry.

High-power lasers

Adaptive optics is a key technology for the operation of ultra-high intensity lasers. It allows reaching maximum intensities on target while protecting the installation. This application of AO is a core activity at Imagine optic. Since our creation, we have innovated on every part of the AO system and we are now offering complete adaptable solutions and expertise.


Optical components inside the microscope (objective, various lenses and mirrors) and the biological sample itself induce aberrations. Imagine Optic have developed a number of solutions where adaptive optics can be applied to improve the contrast and resolution in multiple fluorescence microscopy modalities.


Optical metrology and adaptive optics in the X-EUV are extremely demanding because of the properties of the light in those short wavelengths. Since our creation, we have been innovating in that field and designed at-wavelength X & EUV Hartman wavefront sensors dedicated to optical characterization of components and light sources, and adaptive optics.