MESO MESO Metrology System Interferometry MESO 405 – 1064 nm
Insensitive to vibrations
At-wavelength metrology
Parallel optics testing
See details
µDM Mu-DM-Deformable-Mirror-Adaptive-Optic-Image-1222 muDM High optical quality,
linearity & stability
Easy system integration
Large dynamic range
See details
HASO SWIR LIFT 160 HASO-SWIR-LIFT-160-wavefront-sensor-image HASO SWIR LIFT 160 1050 – 1700 nm
High resolution
Alignment Free
Wavefront Sensor
See details
550 – 1000 nm spectral range
See details
R-FLEX2 SWIR R-FLEX2 SWIR SWIR optical characterization See details HASO4 SWIR HASO-SWIR-wavefront-sensor-Image HASO4 SWIR 900 - 1700 nm
Wavefront Sensor
See details
R-FLEX LA R-FLEX LA 30 - 75 - 100 - 150 mm
The collimating
platform for large optics & optical surfaces
See details
HASO4 SWIR 1550 Wavefront Sensor HASO4-SWIR-1550 HASO4 SWIR 1550 For telecommunications and SWIR lasers See details R-FLEX2 R-FLEX2 Visible & NIR optical characterization See details R-FLEX LA SWIR R-FLEX LA SWIR The SWIR collimating
platform for large optics & optical surfaces
See details
HASO LIFT 680 HASO-LIFT-680-Wavefront-Sensor HASO LIFT 680 342 720 Phase points
400 – 800 nm
High resolution
Wavefront Sensor
See details
800+ combinations
See details

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Slide EOSAM 2023 EOSAM
11-15 September 2023
Dijon, France
Photon Meadow
12-14 September 2023
Trieste, Italy
Slide PLI
27-28 Septembre 2023
Rennes, France
16-19 October 2023
Rochester, USA

optical metrology

optical metrology

Laser metrology
& adaptive optics

Adaptive optics
for microscopy

optical metrology

Optical metrology
& AO software


The latest editions of our Brochures just came out, featuring our HASO Wavefront sensors and our set of Optical Metrology Systems  .

Wavefornt Sensors Brochure

Browse and compare, check out the specs of our set of wavefront sensors  using the HASO comparative spreadsheet

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Webinars and videos

Curious about our “Swiss Army Knife in the SWIR”? Or about flat optics characterization using an R-FLEX2 system? How about using AO for PALM STORM microscopy? Check out our video channel for insights and demos as well as interviews with our CSO and project leaders, webinars, and much more.

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