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Enhance your telescope with adaptive optics 


Enhance your telescope with adaptive optics 

CIAO is the go-to adaptive optics solution to mount on your telescope. By removing static aberrations due to mirrors misalignment, thermal or gravity effects and by reducing the effect of air turbulence, CIAO improves the resolution of images or increases the coupling efficiency in a single mode fiber. The SWIR version is tailored for Satellite Communication. 

CIAO for high resolution imaging and SATCOM 

Connecting directly to the telescope eyepiece, CIAO is inserted between the telescope’s focal plane and the user plane (sensor or fiber holder) without modifying the optical path. Set up is facilitated by the embedded tip-tilt alignment interface and autocalibration tools. After pointing on the target, the user can close the Adaptive Optics loop with a simple click, to activate the aberrations correction or to lock in very fine pointing.   

CIAO is best for 

– High resolution imaging on planets or solar surface thanks to its compatibility with extended source
Free Space Optics (FSO) applications
– Stellar interferometry
– High performance spectrometry
Space Situational Awareness (SSA)   

Key features 

– Easy to install add-on for ground-based telescopes from f/22 to f/8 aperture, 200mm up to 1m diameter
– VIS or SWIR operation
– Fast low light Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor, 1kHz in visible, 4kHz in SWIR (preliminary)
– Internal source allows a very easy and simple auto-calibration
– Adjustable tip-tilt off-axis ball point for optical alignment
– Mirror response time: 5ms
Single mode fiber holder for white light interferometry or spectroscopy applications.   


– Dedicated software for fast AO loop control
– Many parameters are available to optimize the loop and adapt the configuration to the telescope, the seeing condition, the target and the application.

CIAO is a compact innovative adaptive optics add-on that enhances your telescope’s performance. We customize for our users: please contact us to discuss how it benefits your application 

We customize CIAO for our users: please contact us to discuss specifications for your application.

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