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Imagine Optic currently and actively contributes to (Research and Development)  R&D projects on several hot emerging topics in the X-EUV spectra. As a team, we love a challenge, especially if it means pushing the limits of what has been done; hence we have a strong interest and track record in custom developments in wavefront sensing, adaptive optics, benders and other complex optical systems, notably in the EUV to X-rays bandwidth.



The XPulse project (2017-2022) is a collaborative R&D project targeting early and reliable breast cancer diagnosis with lower patient dose. The consortium will build a pre-clinical X-ray imaging prototype, based on innovative technological bricks such as an intense laser-driven X-ray source, and a novel phase-contrast X-ray imaging approach. X-Pulse is funded by the Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine & FEDER.
More information: www.atlas-onco.com



The 3DXlight project (2019-2021) aims at exploring the benefits and applications of new X-ray imaging methods demonstrated during the FET-Open VOXEL project. Based on technical approaches derived from X-ray wavefront sensing technologies, 3DXlight focus on the exploitation of 1) an X-ray plenoptic camera as a novel imaging system providing 3D images from a single acquisition and 2) a compact X-ray phase tomography system compatible with laboratory X-ray sources. The project is funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement N° 851956.
More information: www.3dxlight.eu



The VOXEL project (2015-2019) aimed to provide an alternative to tomography with a disruptive technology (plenoptic) enabling 3D X-ray imaging at very low dose. It was a H2020 European FET-open Project (N° 665207).
More information: www.ipfn.tecnico.ulisboa.pt/voxel



The DynAMic project (2020-2023) is a collaborative Research & Innovation project, gathering a team of experts in Optics & Photonics, theoretical & experimental Physics, targeting to develop disruptive microscopy techniques by breaking i) the depth-to-resolution ratio and ii) the limited number of labels visualized, offering non-invasive, real time, high resolution, multiparametric in vivo imaging, across length scales, deep in biological complex media. This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 FETOPEN program under grant agreement N° 863203
More information: www.dynamic-fet.eu



The InovAO project (2018-2022) is a collaborative R&D project targeting the development of novel adaptive optics approaches not requiring any guide star, as well as its use in Light-Sheet and 2 photon microscopes, for application in high-resolution neuroimaging in the drosophila and mouse brain. The team is made of experts in adaptive optics, high-resolution microscopy and neuroimaging & behavioral studies (Imagine Optic, ESPCI – LPEM, ENS-Ibens, CNRS – Neuro-PSI). The project has received funding from ANR-AAPG 2018 call for project (ANR-18-CE19-0002).
More information: www.anr.fr/Project-ANR-18-CE19-0002



The MaxPhase project (2020-2022) is a collaborative R&D project gathering a consortium of academic and industrial experts with the aim to develop new phase sensing approaches, tackling current technological limits in the field. High-resolution, multiplexed quantitative phase imaging will be achieved for various applications in biology, optical metrology and high-power lasers. The project has received funding from ANR-AAPG 2020 call for project (ANR-18-CE42-0006).
More information: www.imagine-optic.com/maxphase-project/



The Nanolite project (2020-2024) is a joint collaboration and laboratory between the LIDYL CEA laboratory (CEA-CNRS) and Imagine Optic, focusing on innovative optical metrology and imaging solutions at short wavelengths, in particular in the Extreme-UV range. The project has received funding from ANR LabCom 2019 call for project (ANR-19-LCV1-0008).

More information: https://anr.fr/Projet-ANR-19-LCV1-0008,

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