Imagine Optic’s Haso HXR offers live, single-shot wavefront measurement with high resolution, dynamic range and accuracy over a broad hard x-ray range. It is the perfect tool for synchrotron or X-FEL beamline scientists, allowing for easy characterization and alignment, as well as phase imaging.

Key features

  • Live, single-shot visualization of the wavefront
  • Achromatic over a broad 5-25keV energy range
  • High accuracy
  • No access to the focal point required
  • Comprehensive metrology software

Imagine Optic’s HASO HXR wavefront sensor, developed in collaboration with Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL), is the only device of its kind available that offers you the extreme precision and direct measurement functionality needed for today’s demanding X-Ray beamlines.

It incorporates 20 years of experience in the optimal design of Hartmann sensor combined with our pioneering in EUV and X-Ray wavefront sensing. When used for the alignment of focusing optics or for driving active optics, it becomes a powerful tool providing optimal micro and nano-beam focusing and precise control of the focal shape. Since it provides precise wavefront sensing with high spatial sampling, it can also be used for phase imaging of non-absorbing, homogeneous samples.

When combined with our software packages, you can easily conduct wavefront acquisition and reconstruction. Additional add-on modules offer features including extended wavefront reconstruction and Point Spread Function (PSF), as well as a dynamic library that enables you to build your own software applications.


Description HASO HXR
Aperture dimension 3 x 3 mm²
Number of sub-apertures dedicated for analysis 150 x 150
Maximum beam divergence 1.5 mrad
Sensitivity λ/35 RMS
Wavefront measurement accuracy in absolute mode 1 Better than λ/10 RMS
Tilt measurement sensitivity 80 nrad RMS
Spatial sampling 20 µm
Typical flux needed at 1s exposure 1011 photon/s
Exposure time range 100 ms – 900 s
Working photon energy (wavelength)3 5- 25 keV (50 pm – 250 Pm)
Operating system Windows 10
Dimension 480 x 155 x 135 mm3
Signal interface USB
Interface / Power supply USB / included


Service Documents

HASO HXR | Specification sheet