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Imagine Optic specializes in wavefront sensing, optical metrology and adaptive optics, since 1996. Browse Imagine Optic’s variety of wavefront sensors and compare specifications and sort them by the parameter that interests you the most to match your requirements and answer your needs .
We recently released 2 major innovations: the Optical Engineer Companion, a modular optical metrology system for both VIS-NIR and SWIR applications, and the HASO LIFT high-resolution wavefront sensors.  By clicking on the product name in red, visit the product page to see more detailed specs and check the application notes, data sheets and videos around the chosen product .

HASO LIFT 680HASO-LIFT-680-wavefront-sensor-image-IO-2102100200126 x 170140,730400 - 800xx
HASO LIFT 272HASO LIFT 272 Wavefront Sensor 10020050 x 6836,420400 - 800xx
HASO4 SWIRHASO SWIR Wavefront Sensor 10020032 x 4069,2150900 - 1700xx
HASO4 SWIR 1550HASO4 SWIR 1550 wavefront Sensor 357032 x 4016,2991500 - 1600x
HASO4 BroadbandHASO4-Broadband-wavefront-sensor 10020050 x 6836,420350 - 1100 xx
HASO4 126 VISHASO4 126 VIS wavefront Sensor100200126 x 170139,930400 - 800 xx
HASO4 FIRSTWavefront Sensing HASO4 FIRST10020032 x 4016,699400 - 1100(³)x
HASO4 FASTHASO4 FAST Wavefront Sensor10020016 x 161,41000400 - 900x
HASO EUVHASO EUV Wavefront Sensor Optical metrology EUV X-ray source parameters 5020072 x 726914 - 40
HASO HXRHASO HXR Wavefront Sensor1030150 x 1509100.05 - 0.25 (5-25 keV)
HASO SWIR LIFT 160HASO SWIR LIFT 160 Wavefront sensor100200160 x 12869,41501050 - 1700x
HASO4 126 BroadbandHASO4-126-BROADBAND-wavefront-sensor-3D-view-(3)-image-IO-2102100200170 x 126140,730350 - 1100xx