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HASO4 126 Broadband

High Spatial Sampling wavefront sensor

HASO4 126 Broadband

High Spatial Sampling wavefront sensor

Just like the HASO 126 VIS is the perfect wavefront sensor for applications that require high sampling density or a very large dynamic range. It features the new SpotTracker system, providing absolute wavefront and tilt information and eliminating alignment requirement, and a 350-1100 nm wavelength range providing a great versatility across applications from VIS-NIR to SWIR. Check out the HASOs Table to see our Full HASO SERIES, compare specs and choose what fits your requirements !!

The HASO4 126 Broadband wavefront sensor

We offer a unique combination of expertise in high-quality microlens production, software development and accurate factory calibrations. This allows the HASO4 126 Broadband to provide high performance for applications requiring a high spatial frequency and very large dynamic range.

HASO4 126 Broadband is fully compatible with our Optical Engineer Companion platform and set of optical metrology tools

These include the R-FLEX2 and R-FLEX2 SWIR optical metrology platforms, and the R-FLEX LA and R-FLEX LA SWIR systems for various collimated beams from 35 to 150 mm (custom diameters available).



– High spacial samplig frequency
– Very large dynamic range
– Freeform optics characterization
– Parabolic mirrors characterization
– High spacial frequency aberrations



– WAVEVIEW metrology software with 150 functions included
Extensions for PSF, MTF and Strehl ratio
Optional SDK for interfacing
– WAVETUNE Adaptive Optics software
Extensions for AO applications
Optional SDK for interfacing with any custom system
– Windows10 compatible