Wavefront sensor optimized for your wavelength

HASO4 First Shack Hartmann wavefront sensors are easy to deploy and install for any applications.

The HASO4 First takes advantage of today’s best technology to provide unique features including:

  • λ/100 rms absolute accuracy over 400λ dynamic range
  • patented measurement of phase and intensity, simultaneously and independently
  • patented microlens array technology manufactured in-house
  • frame rate of 99 Hz for high-resolution or 165 Hz for high-speed acquisition
  • WaveView, the industry’s most complete software package, included
  • WaveKit or SDK of WaveView compatible with C, LabVIEW and MATLAB
  • C-mount compatible entrance aperture – external trigger capability

The HASO 4 FIRST delivers accurate, reliable and fast measurement at the wavelength of your choice. This HASO is based on a camera offering the best industrial standards in term of reliability, and high wavefront measurement performance thanks to the unique characteristics coming with each of our products : factory calibration, advanced software and high quality hardware.

The HASO4 FIRST is a top choice for adaptive optics applications for microscopy or UHIL. It is also very relevant option for OEM applications in optical metrology and beam diagnostics. Wavefront acquisition can be performed up to 99 Hz or in high-speed mode at 165 Hz. Either way, HASO4 FIRST offers reliable wavefront metrology for a large  range of applications including fundamental research, prototype development or quality control in production.

The HASO4 FIRST can be associated with WaveTune and our deformable mirrors ILAO Star or mirao52-e and any other deformable mirror available.

HASO4 FIRST is delivered with WaveView, the 3rd generation of our wavefront analysis software offering more than 150 functions and optional add-ons offering advanced determination of PSF, MTF, Strehl ratio and M². Available as an option, WaveKit (or Software Development Kit – SDK) will enable you to interface the HASO 4 FIRST into any custom systems. On request, customized software solutions, perfectly adapted to your application case can be developed. Our engineering team will ensure sustainable product integration and maintenance for a long product lifetime.

Our technical support and engineering team provide is available for software and any questions related to the  integration of the HASO in its environment.



Full resolution
High speed*
Aperture dimension 3.6 x 4.6 mm² 1.8 x 2.3 mm²
Number of microlenses 32 x 40 16 x 20
Tilt dynamic range > ± 3° (400 λ) > ± 3° (200 λ)
Focus dynamic range ± 0.018 m to ± ∞ (350 λ) ± 0.018 m to ± ∞ (100 λ)
Focus dynamic range – maximum NA 0.1 0.1
Repeatability (rms) < λ/200 < λ/200
Wavefront measurement accuracy in relative mode (rms)1 around λ/150 around λ/150
Wavefront measurement accuracy in absolute mode (rms)² around λ/100 around λ/100
Tilt measurement sensitivity (rms) 5 μrad 10 μrad
Focus measurement sensitivity (rms) 3·10-3m-1 6·10-3m-1
Spatial sampling around 110 μm around 110 μm
Maximum acquisition frequency 99 Hz 165 Hz
Working wavelength range 400 – 1100 nm
Calibrated wavelength in the 400-1100 nm range, details on request3
Dimensions (LxWxH) / weight 60mm x 48mm x 42mm /185g
Working temperature 15 – 30° C
Interface / Power supply USB 3.0 / 2.7 W via USB
Operating system Windows 7 and 10
WaveView metrology software included
External trigger yes
(1) Wavefront as seen by the device.

(2) Difference between the real wavefront and a reference wavefront obtained in similar conditions (5λ of shift max).

(3) Single wavelength calibration (±50 nm), second wavelength calibration available on request.

*This option is sold separately and not available for some countries.

  Content of product delivery:

  • Acquisition card
  • USB 3.0 cable
  • HASO WFS documentation 
  • Calibration certificate
  • WaveView Software


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