Extreme UV metrology joint Lab, Nanlite , Imagine Optic – CEA

NANOLITE, the novel optical metrology platform for extreme UV enters operational phase.

Nanolite, established January 2020, is a joint collaboration and laboratory between the LIDYL CEA laboratory (CEA-CNRS) and Imagine Optic, focusing on innovative optical metrology and imaging solutions at short wavelengths, in particular in the Extreme-UV (EUV, typically between 10 and 100nm) range. Along the Nanolite roadmap, a major milestone is the availability of a novel EUV source providing large photon flux, high stability and beam quality, based on the use of an original laser source. This first milestone has recently been successfully passed.

This high-performance beamline will now serve as a key device to advance the next Nanolite objectives. On top of being an ultra-precise calibration source for current EUV wavefront sensors and future developments, it will enable the development of “at lambda” metrology solutions, in particular for the qualification of X-EUV optics. Such optics, e.g. used in Synchrotron beamlines, ideally require accurate quality control before installation, which is currently not possible with the required level of precision when based on measurements in the visible range. At lambda wavefront sensing in a context approaching its final working conditions will provide both increased accuracy and more relevant results. Moreover, the source will also contribute to the next developments on ultrafast nanometric imaging mainly driven by LIDYL, with applications focused on the study of ultrafast magnetization – a possible key tool to drive the electronics of the future.

By providing their expertise in the characterization and the generation of “made-to-measure wavefronts” Imagine Optic is happy to contribute to the definition of novel metrology solutions in the short wavelengths, on top of our current range of wavefront sensors such as HASO-EUV or HASO HXR



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