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Broadband Hard X-Ray Wavefront Sensor


Broadband Hard X-Ray Wavefront Sensor

The HASO HXR provides live measurement of the optical quality of your beamline at strategic positions such as after the monochromator, after an optics or a sample. Fluctuations of the position of a focal point can also be characterized. Check out the HASOs Table to see our Full HASO SERIES, compare specs and choose what fits your requirements !!

HASO HXR Wavefront Sensor

The HASO HXR Wavefront Sensor offers live, single-short wavefront measurement with high resolution, dynamic range, and accuracy for beamline characterization and alignment. A perfect tool for synchrotron or X-FEL beamline scientists.

The HASO HXR facilitates live beamline alignment at wavelength. It can be used to automatically align a focusing optics such as a Kirkpatrick-Baez system or toroidal mirrors, and control active optics for optimizing the focal spot.


HASO HXR Wavefront Sensor is BEST FOR

– Source characterization
– Real-time alignment of optical systems, e.g., KB, toroidal, etc.
– Phase imaging of biological material, nanoparticles, archeological artifacts
– Precise driving of X-Ray active optics



WAVEVIEW metrology software with 150 functions included
+ Extensions for PSF, MTF and Strehl ratio
+ Optional SDK for interfacing
WAVETUNE Adaptive Optics software
+ Extensions for AO applications
+ Optional SDK for interfacing with any custom system
Windows10 compatible