Newly funded MaxPhase project will enable high-resolution, multiplexed phase sensing for metrology, laser characterization and non-invasive cell imaging.

Phase measurement has been well established for decades as a valuable method in optical metrology and adaptive optics, in particular through the use of wavefront sensors or interferometers. However, new needs are now emerging that require tailored phase measurement capabilities. In particular, advances in optical manufacturing technologies have enabled the launch of components based on complex designs such as metasurfaces, micro-optics arrays, or diffractive optical elements, requiring advanced metrology tools. High-energy, ultrafast lasers need careful characterization and optimization of spatio-spectral coupling effects. Cell imaging now requires non-invasive methods to assess cellular parameters over long periods, ideally in 3D.

These needs benefit from phase imaging, either through the use of wavefront sensors for optical metrology or laser characterization, or through the use of quantitative phase imaging systems. However, current technologies do not yet provide the necessary combination of resolution, sensitivity, speed, versatility and cost-effectiveness.

The MaxPhase project was recently awarded funding by the French National Research Agency (ANR). It will gather a consortium of academic and industrial experts with the aim to develop new phase sensing approaches, tackling current technological limits in the field. Imagine Optic is proud to participate in this collective effort, which has the potential to open doors for future innovative products allowing ultrafast laser characterization and quantitative phase imaging & tomography. The MaxPhase project has received funding under the ANR-AAPG 2020 call.

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