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30-75-100-150 mm


30-75-100-150 mm

The R-Flex LA is the collimating platform that extends the capabilities of the HASO R-FLEX2 to large optics and optical surfaces. The output collimated beam size ranges from 30 to 150 mm.


The R-FLEX LA  collimating platform combined with the our set of HASO’s  form the Optical Engineer Companion which is the latest benchmark of Imagine Optics.

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– 400-1100 nm wavelength
– Insensitive to vibration
– Beam 30-150 mm ф
– Up to 21,000 sampling points
– Up to 1 kHz acquisition frequency


Extends the capabilities of HASO RFLEX for analyzing large optics and optical surfaces such as filters, dichroic beam splitters, head-up displays, eyewear, optical windows, flat mirrors, polarization scramblers.


Unique set of advantages R-Flex LA collimating platform

– HASO R-FLEX2 with a compact beam expander
– Customizable output beam size up to 150 mm
– Detachable HASO R-FLEX2 for using with another beam expander or R-FLEX2 focusing modules
– Suitable for fibre light sources in the 400-1100nm wavelength range
– Bundled with WaveView, the industry’s most advanced metrology software and WaveKit (Software Development Kit) in C/C++, Python, and LabView

The R-FLEX2 Large Aperature collimating platform can be used for various measurments and calculations  and one of those is the Wavefront inspection of:
Filters – dichroic beam splitters – head up displays – eyewear – flat mirrors – optical windows – polarization scramblers…