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1 kHz Wavefront Sensor


1 kHz Wavefront Sensor

The HASO4 Fast combines a state-of-the-art CMOS camera with the core signature features of HASOs: absolute measurement, unequaled accuracy, high linearity and insensitivity to vibration. Check out the HASOs Table to see our Full HASO SERIES, compare specs and choose what fits your requirements !!


Providing outstanding performance, the HASO4 FAST wavefront sensor is recommended for optical metrology, that needs high speed and high wavefront measurement accuracy, adaptive optics and free-space communication. We offer a unique combination of expertise in high quality microlens production, software development and accurate wavefront sensor calibration at factory. This allows the HASO4 FAST to provide an unprecedented level of performance.

Ideal for measurements of fast changes in wavefronts, the HASO4 FAST Shack-Hartmann Wavefront Sensor, with a frame rate of 1 kHz, responds to all demanding applications.
This instrument is compatible with the Optical Engineer Companion metrology system.


+ Quantify the optical system’s aberrations
+ Align the system to ensure that it performs at its best
+ Drive a deformable mirror to do high frame rate adaptive optics
+ Quantify the transitional regime of active optical elements such as variable focal length lenses
+ Verify that the optics comply with specifications
+ Directly measure the optical system’s wavelength dependency
+ Quantifiy the pointing stability of high frame rate laser
+ Check whether the optical mount overly distorts the optics

HASO4 FAST wavefront sensor is BEST FOR

– Loops compensatinf for atmospheric turbulence
– Laser beam optimization
– Freespace communications



  • Measurement of F/5 beams with λ/100 accuracy, including astigmatism and high-order aberrations
  • Patented technology for simultaneous and independent phase and intensity measurements
  • External trigger feature ensures accurate measurement time
  • Low latency of 2.2ms for high performance adaptive optics
  • Only 1 nW power required on sensor at 1kHz.


– WAVEVIEW metrology software with 150 functions included
WaveView is the most advanced wavefront measurement and analysis software.
It offers more than 150 features and tools optimized for a wide range of highly demanding applications.

+ Extensions for PSF, MTF and Strehl ratio
+ Optional SDK for interfacing
– WAVETUNE Adaptive Optics software
+ Extensions for AO applications
+ Optional SDK for interfacing with any custom system
 Windows10 compatible