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Quality Wavefront Sensing in the 350-1100 nm Spectrum


Quality Wavefront Sensing in the 350-1100 nm Spectrum

The HASO4 First wavefront sensor is based on a camera on par with the best industrial standards in term of reliability, and it offers high wavefront measurement performance, factory calibration and advanced software capabilities. Check out the HASOs Table to see our Full HASO SERIES, compare specs and choose what fits your requirements !!

HASO4 FIRST Wavefront Sensor

Providing outstanding performance, the HASO Wavefront Sensor family is used in the most demanding applications in optical metrology, microscopy and laser diagnostics worldwide. We offer a unique combination of expertise in high quality microlens production, software development and accurate factory calibrations.The HASO4 FIRST Wavefront Sensor is compatible with our Optical Engineer Companion.*



– Adaptive Optics applications for microscopy or UHIL
– OEM applicaitons in optical metrology and beam diagnostics
– AO for high-power laser optimization



  • Quantify optical system’s aberrations
  • Align system for optimal performance
  • Predict system’s focalization and imaging quality
  • Measure effects of temperature and gravity on performance
  • Verify compliance with specifications
  • Pilot wavefront corrector to change aberrations
  • Check if optical mount distorts optics.


  • Beam collimation with accuracy of better than 200m radius of curvature
  • 20mm focal length measurement with sensitivity of 1μm rms
  • Direct wavefront acquisition of F/5 beams with λ/100 accuracy, including astigmatism and high-order aberrations
  • Control and adjustment of axial laser beam deviation better than 5 μrad rms
  • 3D localization of focal spot with 0.1μm rms for lateral and 1μm rms for axial resolution (0.1 NA beam).

SOFTWARE for HASO4 FIRST Wavefront Sensor

– WAVEVIEW metrology software with 150 functions included
+ Extensions for PSF, MTF and Strehl ratio
+ Optional SDK for interfacing
– WAVETUNE Adaptive Optics software
+ Extensions for AO applications
+ Optional SDK for interfacing with any custom system
– Windows10 compatible

WaveView is the most advanced wavefront measurement and analysis software.
It offers more than 150 features and tools optimized for a wide range of highly demanding applications.
WaveTune is a unique software that seamlessly combines wavefront measurement and correction features with extensive instrument diagnostics.
It is perfectly adapted to our HASO wavefront sensors, ILAO Star, and MIRAO deformable mirror, as well as to a wide range of active components.

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