The first results of the XPulse project promise great advances in X-Ray technology and imaging, in particular regarding new generation X-ray sources and high-sensitivity phase contrast X-Ray imaging

Even though X-ray imaging allows for powerful visualization, identification & diagnosis capabilities in various fields such as non-destructive testing or medical imaging, it is currently mainly based on absorption, which limits performance when highest sensitivity is required. This typically is the case in medical imaging for soft tissue such as breast, but also in various industrial fields including non-destructive testing of concrete or polymers, in-line food testing, security.

The XPulse project gathers experts in the fields of lasers, light-matter interaction, optical imaging, to develop new X-Ray source & imaging modality for X-Ray phase contrast tomography mainly applied to medical imaging.

Imagine Optic is proud to be part of such a consortium, and is currently developing a novel X-Ray phase imaging device. The technology will be derived from EUV and X-Ray high-resolution Hartmann wavefront sensing. Imagine Optic is a pioneer and leader in these approaches, in particular for use in the metrology, alignement and optimization of beamlines in Synchrotrons, FELs and more recently HHG.

X-Pulse is funded by the Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine & FEDER.

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