In this video series, Xavier Levecq, CSO Imagine Optic, presents the 3 products that compose the “Swiss Army Knife” of optics: the HASO SWIR wavefront sensor, the R-FLEX2 SWIR metreology platform, and the R-FLEX LA SWIR metrology system. Each subsequent product embeds the former and offers additional capabilities through a simple plug-and-click connection.

The first part is provided by either a HASO SWIR or a HASO4 SWIR 1550. Their InGaAs camera and lens matrix coupled with Waveview4 software offer a high accuracy, a large dynamic range and a high-speed acquisition frequency. They both embed the new SpotTracker technology, providing absolute wavefront and tilt information and eliminating alignment requirements. They’re the ideal metrology tool for optical metrology, including complex lens alignment, aberrations measurement, PSF and MTF values, as well as adaptive optics applications such as long-range communication.

The second part is the R-Flex 2 SWIR metrology platform which is the central piece of the Optical Engineer Companion in the SWIR range. The second generation of our versatile optical metrology platform in the 900-1700 nm range instantly combines any of the HASO SWIR wavefront sensors with a collimator and a light source. They are commonly used to characterize optical surfaces, characterize chromatic aberrations, analyze the transmitted wavefront of optical systems with double-pass configuration and optimize complex lens alignement.

The third part is the R-FLEX LA SWIR, the large-diameter collimating system that extends the capabilities of the R-FLEX2 SWIR, and its embedded HASO SWIR, to large optics and numerous optical surfaces such as filters, dichroic beam splitters, head-up displays, eyewear, optical windows, flat mirrors, and polarization scramblers.

“All about SWIR” series
3 videos:

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