This last generation SWIR sensor is offering comparable level of performance over the VIS, a game changer in AO applications across the board.

Over the past decade a broad range of sensing, imaging and beam transportation applications have switched from the VIS (VISible) to the SWIR (Short Wavelength InfraRed because of the intrinsic advantages of this wavelength. AO (Adaptive Optics) applications in the SWIR such as astrophysics, free space telecommunications, active imaging, laser designation and even microscopy are booming because of the advantages of that wavelength when propagating through atmospheric distortions and harsh media.

The democratization of use of that bandwidth and the constant requirement for more performance increased the need for high performance optical sensing and metrology (testing, measurement and alignment). Building on a 20-year experience that made wavefront sensors based on Shack-Hartmann technology the reference tool in optical metrology, the last generation of SWIR sensors and metrology systems are now offering comparable level of performance over the VIS in term of sensibility, noise, speed and resolution.

Imagine Optic’s HASO SWIR coupled with 3rd gen wavefront analysis software Waveview was showcased at Photonics West 2020 and is poised to become a standard in the field.

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