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Beamlines alignment, single or multiple optics assembly optimizations for Extreme UV (EUV) and X-rays are challenging. Physics studies of the EUV source generation could be completed with the phase information of the generated beam. HASO EUV and HASO HXR wavefront sensors offer professionals unsurpassed quality, precision and ease of use for ultra-short wavelength beam characterization, adjustment and alignment in real time. These Hartmann wavefront sensors combined with advance metrology software give live analysis of the phase (wavefront), amplitude (intensity) and Point Function (PSF). Designed and built in collaboration with our customers and with their needs as the top priority, the HASO EUV and HASO HXR incorporate our patented rotated square technology to offer high spatial sampling and wide dynamic range, making them the ideal choice for HHG, EUV lithography, synchrotron and FEL beam analysis. In order to better answer client needs, we have recently developed an EUV wavefront sensor enabling to measure beam with numerical aperture higher than 0.1. This sensor is placed under vacuum (compatible 1E-6 mbar) very near the source or the focal spot to catch very divergent beams, see the image. Imagine Optic R&D team will always do its best to design the best wavefront sensor for a specific beamline architecture and energy. Publications:O. de La Rochefoucauld et al, EUV and Hard X-ray Hartmann Wavefront Sensing for Optical Metrology, Alignment and Phase Imaging, Sensors 2021, 21(3), 874; L. Li et al, High Numerical Aperture Hartmann Wave Front Sensor for Extreme Ultraviolet Spectral Range, Optics Letters, 2020, 45(15), 4248O. de La Rochefoucauld et al, Developments of EUV/x-ray wavefront sensors and adaptive optics at Imagine Optic, Proceeding Volume 10761, Adaptive X-ray Optics V, 107610 E, 2018, San Diego.

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