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Our Deformable Mirrors

 ILAO STAR is the first stepper-motor deformable mirror dedicated to ultra-intense lasers that can perform wavefront correction during full-power operation. Its customizable design will perfectly fit any laser characteristics

– Correcting aberrations in full-power mode
– Focal spot correction
– Wavefront precompensation
– Particle acceleration
– High harmonic generation

The Mirao 52e deformable mirror offers an exceptionally large stroke and high optical quality combined with low power consumption. It incorporates 52 electromagnetic actuators and provides an exceptional 50 µm PV deformation amplitude.

– Bio-imaging
– Ophthalmology
– Microscopy
– Beam shaping

The exceptional feature of the Mirao 52es deformable mirror is its long-term stability in an open-loop mode, with typical drift of less than 10 nm RMS after 12 hours and up to 3 days.

– Easy implementation in custom-built optical setups
– Free API for Visual C/C++ available for easy integration into the user’s software
– Software Development Kit (SDK) available in C, C++, LabView and Python
– Exceptional long-term stability of the wavefront in open-loop mode (<10nm RMS)
– Perfect deformable mirror for Bio imaging, laser tweezers, laser beamshaping, quantum communication

The line of Mirao deformable mirrors provide an exceptionally large stroke and high precision combined with low power consumption and USB connectivity in order to meet the needs of today’s most demanding applications.