New HASO HXR wavefront sensor now provides beamline scientists a robust, versatile industrial tool for hard X-rays optical metrology, to characterize and optimize beam quality.
Optical metrology of X-Ray beamlines is of paramount importance in the context of high-energy beams in Synchrotrons or X-FELs. In particular, when targeting optimal beam quality or diffraction-limited focusing, live measurement and visualization of the wavefront is key to achieve perfect alignment of high-quality optics, such as Kirkpatrick-Baez or Wölter telescopes, in a direct way. This is especially true in the context of 4th-generation Light Sources that will provide enhanced coherence and brilliance.
Based on more than 20 years of experience in wavefront sensing, as well as on collaborations with beamline scientists, Imagine Optic developed the Haso HXR, a wavefront sensor based on the Hartmann technique. The system provides single-shot measurement and live visualization of the wavefront over a broad 5-25 keV energy, offers a high accuracy (typically lambda/10 rms), is achromatic, and its compactness allows its use at multiple locations on a beamline. Because a wavefront sensor provides a quantitative measurement of the optical phase, the system can also be used as a phase imaging system for use in biology or material science. As an exemplary use case, the device has been recently demonstrated as an efficient tool for controlling active optics (more details in the corresponding publication).
For wavefront sensing at lower energies, such as in the EUV range, please also check our HASO EUV wavefront sensor here. If you’re interested in finding out more about our line of Wavefront Sensors for X-rays and EUV, you can reach us at or through the contact form (red enveloppe on the side).