Wavefront sensors have various perceived benefits but here are 10 objective reasons that have made Shack-Hartmann a trusted standard in the field.

  1.  Real time measurement (up to several kHz)
  2. Achromatic
  3. Absolute measurement (typ. lambda/100, lambda/1000 achievable)
  4. Linearity > 99.9%
  5. Huge dynamic range > 1000 lambdas
  6. Wavefront and intensity maps measured independantly
  7. Simple and robust technology
  8. Insensitive to vibrations
  9. Wavefront measurement even with less than 100 picojoules
  10. 100% beam acquired, user mask not mandatory

If you’re interested in finding out more about our line of wavefront sensors, check out this amazing specs table, and you can reach us at sales@imagine-optic.com or through the contact form (red enveloppe on the side).