Wavefront sensor for telecommunication wavelength and IR lasers

Imagine Optic’s HASO4 SWIR 1550 Shack Hartmann wavefront sensor offers, precision and ease of use for 1.55 µm with the following key features include:

  • ~ λ/35 on the 1500 – 1600 nm wavelength range
  • simultaneous and independent measurement of both phase & intensity
  • true absolute measurement
  • dynamic range without compromise on the accuracy

HASO4 SWIR 1550 is the ideal tool for fiber coupling and, more generally, for aligning and characterize optical systems in the SWIR (afocal, collimators, lenses, zoom, etc.). Exceptionally easy to integrate, they provide fast, accurate and reliable measurements by taking advantage of the HASO family’s standard functionalities that customers have come to rely on, including absolute measurement, unequalled accuracy and insensitivity to vibration at acquisition frequency up to 99 Hz.

HASO4 SWIR 1550 is delivered with WaveView, the 3rd generation of wavefront analysis software. With just a few clicks, you will get access to wavefront measurement, reconstruction etc . WaveView offers more than 150 functions and optional add-ons enable you to go even further and calculate the PSF, MTF, Strehl ratio and  M².

WaveKit (Software Development Kit – SDK) will enable you to interface the HASO SWIR 1550 with any kind of OEM products and systems. On request, customized software solutions, perfectly adapted to your application case can be developed . Our engineering team will ensure sustainable product integration and maintenance for a long product lifetime.



Description Specification
Aperture dimension 3.6 x 4.5 mm²
Number of microlenses 32 x 40
Tilt dynamic range > ± 3 °
Focus dynamic range ± 0.018 m to ± ∞
Repeatability (rms) < λ/70
Wavefront measurement accuracy in absolute mode (rms)1 around λ/35
Tilt measurement sensitivity (rms) 10 μrad
Spatial sampling around 110 μm
Maximum acquisition frequency 99 Hz
Wavelength range 1500 – 1600 nm
Dimensions (LxWxH) / weight 60mm x 48mm x 42mm / 185 g
Working temperature 15 – 30° C
Interface / Power supply USB3.0 / 2.7W via USB
Operating system Windows 7 and 10
External trigger yes
(1) wavefront directly measured by the wavefront sensor (no added lens).
Content of product delivery:

  • HASO4 SWIR 1550
  • USB3.0 acquisition board
  • USB3.0 cable
  • HASO wavefront sensor user manual
  • Calibration certificate
  • WaveView metrology software 


Service Documents

HASO4 SWIR 1550 | Specification sheet

Absolute measurement | Application note : How to characterize a wavefront sensor