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Adaptive Optics
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Adaptive optics has been for a long time a primary activity at Imagine Optic. µDM deformable mirror for microscopy and ophthalmology is a single-piece designed Deformable Mirror containing 91 electromagnetic actuators, disposed in an optimized pattern, and a communication card used as a controller.
Versatile, it can be implemented alone in an open-loop or along with a wavefront sensor (included in AOkit Bio) for closed-loop applications.

It is our latest and unique product in Adaptive optics for Microscopy and Ophthalmology. it is a technology developed by µImagine a division dedicated for AO for microscopy.

Another category of products is the Mechanical Deformable mirrors. ILAO STAR Deformable Mirrors is the most advanced mechanical actuator-based deformable mirror dedicated to ultra-intense
lasers. It combines already proven principles from the previous generations of mechanical deformable mirrors with innovative developments fostered by tens of customers.

Adaptive optics System

The MicAO 3DSR AO  Systems employs MicAO software, which features image-based aberration detection algorithms developed by the AO community and is easy to use for users. The software can be used independently with its own interface or as a plugin with specific versions of µManager©, Metamorph©, and NIS Elements©. The MicAO software is continuously being enhanced and updated to improve its performance.

All those products are monitored by one software : WaveTune is a unique application that seamlessly combines wavefront measurement and correction features with extensive instrument diagnostics. It is perfectly adapted to our HASO wavefront sensors, ILAO Star, and mirAO deformable, as well as to a wide range of active components from other manufacturers.

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