Optimization of the signal-to-noise ratio is key to obtaining the best resolution in PALM/STORM super-resolution microscopy. MicAO 3DSR adaptive optics is helping ScopeM improve 3D localization precision.

ScopeM is a central scientific technology platform at ETH Zurich, which provides expertise, resources and services to more than 500 researchers from 200 groups per year. The facility maintains and develops state-of-the-art imaging equipment dedicated to cellular biology research that allows researchers to push their projects beyond current frontiers. The PALM/STORM super resolution microscopy is one of the currently trending imaging techniques, also available at ScopeM.

Imagine Optic equipped them with a MicAO 3DSR, a plug & play adaptive optics system specifically designed to improve the photon collection efficiency in PALM/STORM as well as to provide 3D imaging capability by inducing astigmatism using its embedded deformable mirror. MicAO 3DSR allows scientists to detect at least 50% more photons and to improve 3D localization precision, typically reaching 10nm.

Dr. Gabor Csúcs, director of ScopeM, chose to implement the latest iteration of MicAO 3DSR in order to stretch the localization precision of their Nikon N-STORM 5.0 microscope, and provide users the highly-demanded 3D resolution to study cells, cell aggregates and even tissue samples. The results obtained using adaptive optics at this imaging facility in recent two years led to the publication of more than three scientific publications.

This adaptive optic system will be used by ScopeM imaging facility users and also will serve as a MicAO 3DSR demonstration site. More information about MicAO 3DSR at ScopeM can be found here.

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