Improve localization precision and add the third dimension

MicAO 3DSR is an adaptive optics device specifically designed for single molecule localization microscopy (SMLM) methods such as photoactivation localization microscopy (PALM), stochastic optical reconstruction microscopy (STORM) and single particle tracking (SPT). The high optical transmission of MicAO 3DSR and the ability to correct aberrations enables your microscope setup to detect more photons from the sample after correction of aberrations. This helps increasing the localization precision (resolution) of SMLM methods. Moreover, with MicAO 3DSR you can introduce aberration-free astigmatism for the most precise 3D SMLM imaging on the market.

MicAO 3DSR has been developed for an easy implementation of adaptive optics on any inverted microscope frame therefore it is a perfect solution for inexperienced users or imaging facilities. The device is simply inserted between the microscope side port and the imaging camera. MicAO 3DSR functions as an image relay therefore does not influence the function of additional devices in the optical setup, such as dual color view devices and microscope port splitters.

MicAO 3DSR is delivered with user friendly software which controls the functionality of device and contains all the necessary tools for detection and correction of aberrations in biological samples. The aberration detection algorithms do not require any specific knowledge from the customer and are easy to learn and operate. MicAO software can be used as stand-alone or operated via plug-in for Nikon Imaging Software (NIS Elements), Metamorph or µManager.

If you are building your own optical setup or developing a new microscopy method and you would like to introduce adaptive optics, now it can be easily done. If your system is based on the inverted frame microscope, we would recommend choosing MicAO 3DSR. Otherwise, Imagine Optic also offers a set of separate components of adaptive optics called AOKit Bio (Mirao 52e deformable mirror, Haso4 First Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor and adaptive optics software). With AOKit Bio you have the freedom of placing AO components anywhere in your optical setup and we can help you with the optical design.



Description Specification
Microscope compatibility Standard inverted frames
Objective compatibility 60x, NA>1.25 and 100x NA>1.33
Optical transmission 93%-95%
Operating wavelength range 400-700nm
Lateral localization precision* 8nm @ 1000 photons and 5nm @ 4000 photons
Axial localization precision 16nm @ 1000 photons and 10nm @ 4000 photons
Dimensions / weight 432 x 325 x 140mm3 / 9kg
Software MicAO v1.3
Working environment Stable room temperature and non-condensing environment

* typical performance


Service Documents


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MicAO 3DSR | Specification sheet

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Service Documents

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