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Microtraps | Application note : Enhancement of the Optical Quality of Microtraps for Single Atoms with HASO4 First

Optical metrology

Optical metrology | Application note: Optical metrology measurements with HASO

Lens inspection | Application note: Lens inspection with R-Flex

Eyewear inspection

Eyewear inspection | Application note : Eyewear and smart glass quality control

Telescope characterization

Telescope characterization | Application note : Telescope characterization with R-flex systems

Wavefront sensor and beam profiler

Wavefront sensor and beam profiler | Application note : HASO wavefront sensor : phase + intensity measurements

Absolute measurement

Absolute measurement | Application note : How to characterize a wavefront sensor

Herschel Telescope characterization

Herschel Telescope characterization | Article : Herschel Telescope characterization with Imagine Optic's technology


Alignment | Application note: Simple alignment of complex laboratory optics using HASO wavefront sensor

NIR optics characterization

NIR optics characterization | Application note : NIR optical elements characterization with HASO