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High-accuracy wavefront metrology for optics and lasers

Optical metrology is a keystone in the manufacturing of high-performance optical components and systems; it has been our core domain of expertise for the past 25 years. Imagine Optic has developed a full range of metrology tools in the VIS-NIR spectral range for optics quality control, optical system alignment, and surface measurement. Optimized for both production and R&D environments, Imagine Optic’s metrology instruments range from stand-alone Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensors to automated optical metrology systems. 

These instruments provide high quality measurements and offer outstanding versatility and user-friendliness in both hardware and software. They are capable of measuring numerous parameters: the modulation transfer function (MTF), Point Spread Function (PSF), wavefront aberrations, Zernike or Legendre polynomials, surface form, and optical quality.


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