WaveSuite 4.3 optical metrology and adaptive optics software completes the full transition to 64-bit compilation and overhauls previous limitations in RAM management and processing speed linked to 32-bit architecture legacy.

This version of WaveSuite is a landmark for metrology and Adaptive Optics software, bringing huge benefits to our clients and users and synchronizing the version numbering of the three softwares:
– Waveview 4.3, the bench mark in wavefront metrology
– Wavetune 4.3, for perfect loop control
– Wavekit 4.3, a versatile and comprehensive SDK in C, LabVIEW and Python.

The first benefit is the end of the 4 GB RAM limit, allowing virtually unlimited image buffers and/or up to 4x phase point measurement at full speed. All applications’ performance will benefit from this breakthrough, especially those involving high-frequency/high-resolution sampling.

The second major benefit is to processing speed, with computing speed up 3x allowing for quicker calculations of wavefronts, intensity, PSF, MTF, and most importantly the LIFT algorithms that power our new HASO LIFT series with 272 x 200 and 680 x 500 phase point sampling.

Last but not least, the M2 function returns, thanks to these memory and speed improvements with better than laser beam simulations.

WaveSuite4.3 is the version currently being delivered with new wavefront sensors, optical metrology systems and deformable mirrors. It will soon be available as an upgrade for compatible hardware. If you would like more information, please get in touch with us at sales@imagine-optic.com.