Deformable mirror for ultra intense lasers

The first mechanical deformable mirror dedicated to ultra intense lasers that can perform adaptive optics correction during full power operation.

ILAO Star is new Imagine Optic’s deformable mirror designed to meet the stringent demands of intense laser users for small to large beam diameters.

  • Perfectly adapted to a beam diameter from 20mm to 500mm
  • Optimized design for your laser beam
  • Dielectric, metallic, or hybrid coating available
  • Replaceable reflective surface and actuator’s motors
  • Excellent optical quality with active flat better than 10 nm RMS and minimal print through effect
  • Large correction capability
  • Mirror shape maintained even without electrical power
  • Compatible with WaveTune software and HASO wavefront sensor

A unique deformable mirror

ILAO Star (Intense Laser Adaptive Optics) is the most advanced deformable mirror available that is specifically designed for today’s ultra intense and ultra-fast lasers. Based on Imagine Optic’s patented technology, ILAO Star operates using mechanical actuators with astatic floating heads that perform wavefront shaping with nanometric precision. Depending on the type of laser, users can choose from replaceable dielectric or metallic reflective surfaces from 20mm up to 500 mm in diameter.

What’s more

Once the optimal mirror shape has been achieved, power is no longer necessary to maintain ILAO Star’s form. The fact that the mirror no longer dissipates any energy or heat from its interior ensures that its high optical quality
surface (<10 nm rms) maintains a perfectly stable form over time and minimizes the risk of unwanted hotspots.

Wavefront correction and beam control

ILAO Star is the wavefront correction element of the full-featured adaptive-optics solutions that Imagine Optic provides for ultra-intense and ultra-fast lasers. When combined with a HASO4 wavefront sensor and our WaveTune command & control software, you have a turnkey solution, where each element works together seamlessly via one ergonomic interface. Our Phase Retrieval algorihm PhaRAO is also available in WaveTune as an optional module. With the help of a simple CCD camera, PhaRAO enables users to control and optimize the focal spot directly in the interaction chamber.



Description Specification
Actuator technology mechanical
Number of actuators Depending on the beam size
Available coating dielectric / metallic / hybrid
Incident angle 0°, 45°, or other
Vacuum compatible on demand
Replacement of reflective substrate yes
Replacement of actuator’s motor yes

Examples of manufactured ILAO Star deformable mirrors.

Model number: ILAO Star xx, where xx is the substrate size in mm.

Type Angle of incident Correction beam size
ILAO Star 50 <10° Circular, Φ 22mm
ILAO Star 100 Circular, Φ 30mm
ILAO Star 200 45° Eliptic, Φ 80mm
ILAO Star 400 45° Rectangular, 140mm X 200mm


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