The most versatile Adaptive Optics platform

Key advantages

  • We make you benefit of 20 years of  our know-how and experience in wavefront detection and correction.
  • We accompany you from the first handling to the implementation of any wavefront modulators.
  • We already provided highly reliable adaptive optics solutions to hundreds of users.


The Adaptive optics kit is the association of the most reliable measurement with a software environment that includes, all the basics and the most advanced functions / diagnostics required to operate an AO system.

  •  5 technologies of wavefront modulators available (PZT, MEMS, voice coil, mechanical actuator, and SLM)
  •  20 years of experience in wavefront sensing and adaptive optics
  •  2 software solutions : WaveTune ready-to-use adaptive optics software or a SDK with 3 Application Programming Interfaces (C, LabVIEW and MATLAB)
  •  100% customizable : we can also integrate your own wavefront modulator
  •  Already integrated in more than 200 adaptive optics systems
  • 17 peer review publications


Adaptive Optics (AO) improves the performance of optical systems by reducing the effect of wavefront distortions with the goal of delivering the best focusing or image quality for science. The AO Kit offers the highest performance and versatility, we are making it available for the scientific community.

The Adaptive Optics Kit platform is the association of:


    Wavefront sensor is a critical part in the adaptive optics system. This because its measurement accuracy will set the correction performance and its linearity will guaranty the stability of the adaptive correction. Even in a sensorless AO system, which will always be employed to optimize the phase for a certain rendering on the PSF, it is highly recommended to have at some point a wavefront sensor to perform an active local flat and an interaction matrix.

    HASO high-performance wavefront sensor offers accuracy (lambda/100 rms), linearity (<0.1% linearity error) and dynamic range all together without compromise. This will allow to reach optimum corrections performance or the possibility to fully characterize a phase modulators.

  • WaveTune TM

    Software is another essential part of the AO system. WaveTune addresses all the requirements for closed and open loop type of operations. It also offers advanced diagnostics and configurations of the interaction matrix which is a major step in the process of getting the AO system to perform. WaveTune was designed for laser scientists but its core is open to any type of applications. We are supporting a software development kit which exposes WaveTune and WaveView capabilities to 3 coding languages C, LabView and Matlab for projection onto every possible type of AO applications.

    A SDK was developed to answer specifics AO requirements that are proper to applications in microscopy. It includes several sensorless closed loop modes and provides with the essential bricks needed to deliver corrections in any types of media.

  • Wavefront modulators

    Imagine Optic has developed two types of phase modulators, Mirao 52e deformable mirror for applications in life sciences and the ILAO Star for ultra-high intensity lasers. The platform is also open to most of the available phase modulators technologies such as ALPAO’s, CILAS’s, Boston micromachines, NightN and SLMs from Hamamatsu, Holoeye and Meadowlark.We are offering several options as per the interfacing of a custom made DM or one that would not be compatible with WaveKit yet.

Adaptive Optics kit Engineering

  • System integration
    Imagine Optic has a strong experience and savoir-faire in adaptive optics. We can

– help in the determination of the most suitable phase modulator, actuators lay out and numbers, to correct for a specific wavefront threat
– help in the integration of the AO system into your application and provide guidance for the relay imaging questions, expectable gains and etc
– interface your phase modulator with the AO kit .

  •  Custom wavefront sensorsWe are regularly asked to design custom HASO based on specific cameras. WaveSuite is open to a wide number of different cameras capable to deliver high performance measurement on X-rays – VIS – SWIR. We also offer several options in term of HASO based on EMCCD cameras extending typical HASO performance in low photon, low photon high speed (and highly scattering media). In the other hand, the AO kit includes several sensor-less options such as phase retrieval, image based and iterative.
  • Custom software
    Our software development team is able to interface any phase modulator with the AO and expose it to another specific environment like Tango (or Linux).

Achievements: Adaptive Optics kit

  • Innovation
    Imagine Optic has developed two deformable mirrors technologies to respond specifics needs of 2 emergent applications and the AO kit platform is open to any type of phase modulator. We’re proud to be the only company specializing in AO to offer a complete adaptive optics system for every applications of adaptive optics.
  •  Scientific partners
    Science has been the drive of our desire to innovate since our creation. Over the past two decades we have been working closely with scientific collaborators such as the CEA, Laboratoire d’Optique Appliquée and others and shared with them many PhDs students. We have got 5 pilot sites where we can demonstrate our adaptive optics systems for microscopy and ultra-high intensity lasers and we run several R&D projects funded by the European Union.
  • Publications Over the last 20 years we have been involved in more than 200 scientific projects resulting more than 40 publications in which our products or engineers have been cited. This includes more than 20 scientific papers on adaptive optics.


Service Documents

WaveSuite | Specification sheet

HASO4 First | Specification sheet