Optics Characterization” ran 3 succesful sessions, and inaugurates a series of wavefront metrology.

The 100+ attendees saw live demos by our CTO Guillaume Dovillaire to demonstrate the outstanding capabilities of our newly released R-Flex2 and R-Flex LA, and notably the live wavefront measurement of a lens under test in double pass, and live display of PSF and MTF, as well as the chromatic aberration measured with the same device in the first setup.
The second setup demonstrated the live wavefront measurement of a large

A recording of this webinar and live demo is available on Youtube, as well as a full documentation on our R-Flex2 and R-Flex Large Aperture Optical Metrology Systems.

If you’re interested in finding out more about our line of Wavefront Sensors and Optical Metrology Systems, you can reach us at sales@imagine-optic.com or through the contact form (red enveloppe on the side).