Next generation opto-electronic devices enable ultrafast adaptive imaging in microscopy and ophthalmology. DYNAMIC FET project is starting development.

Recent years have seen the adaptation of innovative technologies to
extend optical imaging beyond fundamental limits, and drastically increase the
resolution of optical investigation in many fields. However, even state-of-the-art equipment falls short when it comes to deep tissue microscopic imaging.

A radical new approach is building up to overcome the limitations imposed by multiple scattering by proactively compensating for refractive index variations in tissue. This is achieved by applying novel photonic technologies in order to control light properties and manipulate optical paths with the objective of matching the effect of chemical optical clearing.

The DYNAMIC project gathers European experts in the fields of optics, mechatronics, mathematics, life sciences and medicine that will tackle such barriers. In particular, ultrafast, real-time dynamic wavefront shaping technologies will be developed together with innovative phase compensation algorithms.

Imagine Optic is proud to contribute its expertise to this ambitious collective effort: a new generation of wavefront correctors will be developed to enhance Adaptive Optics performance in both microscopy and ophthalmology. This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research an innovation program under grant agreement No863203.

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