The 2020 edition of BIPSA conference (Excellence Network in Bioimaging and Health in Nouvelle Aquitaine) will be held November 9-10th as part of the ViV HEALTECH forum. This full day of conference will be dedicated to biological imaging in the morning and to medical imaging in the afternoon, and will be accessible via visioconference.

As part of the fruitful collaboration with the Bordeaux Imaging Center (BIC), Imagine Optic will make a presentation of recent results obtained in Adaptive Optics applied to Lattice Light-Sheet microscopy, scheduled 10:40 CET on Tuesday the 10th.

We will demonstrate how the use of our MirAO 52e deformable mirror in combination with iterative image-based algorithms provides significant improvement in terms of image quality, in depth, of biological samples. The resulting Adaptive Optics Lattice Light-Sheet microscope provides ultra-high spatio-temporal resolution with low phototoxicity up to about 50µm.

If you’re interested in finding out more about our line of Wavefront Sensors and Deformable Mirrors or AO solutions for Microscopy, you can reach us at or through the contact form (red enveloppe on the side).