Spatio-spectral coupling characterization

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Focusing ultra-short laser beams produces such intense fields that spatial and temporal properties of the laser are no longer independent, subsequently introducing couplings that are often overlooked. Currently, there exist a few ways to characterize the laser beam’s couplings.

By spectrally resolving the wavefront measurement, it becomes easier to execute this diagnostic and to align a compressor’s grating. Other types of spatio-spectral couplings can be measured as well, such as chromatic curvature (or Pulse-Front Curvature), Spatial Chirp, and pulse lengthening over a full pupil.

The characterization of wavefronts that are frequency-resolved and spatial laser beam coupling using our HASO Mutispectral which is a wide spectral range coupled to the powerful HASO4-Broadband enables full characterization of TW/PW lasers’ performances, and optimization of the peak intensity on target. The HASO Multispectral builds on 25 years of expertise at Imagine Optic in providing high-end Shack-Hartmann sensors for metrology, adaptive optics and lasers. It provides thousands of measurement points in the beam and can accomodate near-field and far-field measurement on the lightweight laptop-friendly software. Along with the different Spatio-spectral couplings measurements : angular dispersion, spectral focal shift and many more.

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