Optical metrology applications

Wavefront metrology is a key for achieving a powerful performance of highly complex and accurate optical systems. It is our daily concern to fulfill our customers needs in many of those applications. Browse in a wide range of application scenarios in which wavefront sensing by Imagine Optic is successfully and reliably used. All of our in house produced wavefront sensors are delivered with a calibration certificate ensuring precision and traceability.

Adaptive optics for (high power) laser beam control

Adaptive optics applied on high power laser systems does not only protect the complex optical system from damage by hot spots, it also improves beam quality thus getting a maximum of energy into the smallest focal spot possible, guaranteeing correction stability for highest energy densities. Many other applications, like harmonic generation or atomic trapping, also benefit from high quality aberration correction provided by our deformable mirror systems.

Adaptive optics solutions for biological imaging

Optical components inside the microscope (objectives, various lenses and mirrors) and the biological sample itself induce aberrations. Imagine Optic developed a number of solutions where adaptive optics can be applied to correct those aberrations in order to improve the contrast and the resolution of images in various applications of fluorescence. To better understand it, please follow the link.

Metrology and adaptive optics solutions for X-ray and EUV

Metrology and adaptive optics for use with EUV and X-rays are extremely demanding in term of performance due to the use of extremely short wavelengths. For more than a decade, Imagine Optic, in close collaboration with international experts, developed several new specific metrology instruments. Imagine Optic is at the forefront of R&D on at-wavelength EUV and X-ray wavefront sensing, characterization of  grazing incidence mirrors, EUV active optics and custom developments. EUV and X-rays in order to better answer your needs.