Tripple the fluorescence signal

Adaptive optics in multi photon microscopy is implemented on the excitation pathway and  brings big improvement to the quantity of fluorescence signal. Correcting the sample induced aberrations improves the ‘sharpness’ of the focal spot and so the two-photon effect with a typical gain factor of 3 to 5 times. The increase of the fluorescence signal allows to reach much deeper layers of the sample or to decrease the intensity of the excitation laser in order to minimize the photo-toxicity effects.

An example of nonlinear microscopy (THG) on a drosophila larva. The uncorrected and corrected image with adaptive optics on the left and on the right.  In this case, the signal was increased by a factor of 3 and small details became discernible (see zooms).  (Image produced in collaboration with Emmanuel Baurepaire, LOB, Ecole Polytechnique, France).


Multiphoton Microscopy

Publications where AOKit Bio was used in multiphoton microscopy

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