Our third webinar and live demo completes our on ongoing series on wavefront metrology and correction.

You can (re)watch our 3rd webinar, a practical tour of adaptive optics, wavefront sensing and correction. Our CSO Xavier Levecq, and our CTO Guillaume Dovillaire addressed fundamental topics on adaptive optics (AO), covered a variety of applications, and showcased telescope optimization using AO.

The 2 setups, featuring our MIRAO 52E deformable mirror and HASO4 First and HAOS4 FAST wavefront sensors, help them showcase, among other things :
• The main principles of AO, how it works and why it can dramatically improve optical applications (1st demo).
• How do industrial and research applications take advantage of adaptive optics.
• What makes high speed AO a game-changer to mastering atmospheric turbulences, as an example (2nd demo).

If you’re interested in finding out more about our line of Wavefront Sensors and Adaptive Optics Solutions, you can reach us at sales@imagine-optic.com or through the contact form (red enveloppe on the side).