To help HASO users migrate to Windows 10, we provide a software upgrade package for Imagine Optic wavefront sensors to Waveview 3.1.10. 

As Microsoft ends its support for Windows 7, there are a number of Imagine Optic wavefront sensors that will need to migrate to the new Windows 10 operating system. Although the HASOs are still working fine with the original versions of their metrology software, we know a lot of our customers will eventually be forced to upgrade the computers used for their HASO software. To make this a smooth transition, we have developed upgrade bundles in order to extend the lifetime of Imagine Optic products such as HASO3 First, HASO3 32, and HASO3 128GE wavefront sensors. The bundle upgrades consist of our latest WaveView 3.1.10 metrology software and a PCI Express card.

Waveview 3.1.10 is a benchmark in optical metrology and includes more than 150 different tools and functions for any kind of wavefront manipulation. Beam parameters include X- and Y-Tilts, Curvature, Focal point position in three dimensions, Raw camera signal, Wavefront, Segmented wavefront, Intensity, Spot diagram, and Zernike modes, among others.

To find out about these upgrade bundles please visit or contact us for more details at
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