Optical relay for microscope calibration

Based on HASO4 First wavefront sensor, the Wavefront Imager is designed to calibrate MicAO adaptive optics device with an accuracy of lambda/100. The Wavefront Imager simplifies the calibration process of MicAO and improves the quality of closed-loop optimization. This plug-and-play device offers an easy integration thanks to its C-mount opto-mechanical coupling and it fits into the camera port of MicAO.

Aperture dimension3.6 x 4.6 mm²
Number of microlenses32 x 40
Wavefront measurement accuracy in relative mode (rms)¹~ λ/150
Wavefront measurement accuracy in absolute mode (rms)²~ λ/100
Maximum acquisition frequency99 Hz
Working wavelength rangein the 400-1100 nm range, details on request
Dimensions / weight155 x 46 x 57 mm3 /250g
Working temperature15 – 30° C
Interface / Power USB 3.0 / 2.7 W via USB
WaveView metrology softwareIncluded

(1) Wavefront as seen by the device.
(2) Difference between the real wavefront and a reference wavefront obtained in similar conditions (5λ of shift max).