X-Ray mirror characterization system

SHARPeR is a high accuracy automated metrology platform for extremely high quality optical components needed for example in synchrotron beamlines, EUV lithography systems and telescopes. Meter-scale X-ray mirrors can be characterized with a slope error accuracy better than 50nrad rms *.

The system will include three main elements:

  • A highly stable and repeatable motion platform with rotation and tip-tilt stages
  • A high precision wavefront sensor with an absolute accuracy of & lambda/1000 rms
  • An advanced stitching algorithm for high accuracy results

The new ultra-high precision Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor is integrated in an optical head coupled with a dedicated motion platform to provide 2D slope/height maps. The surface under test can be oriented horizontally or vertically to match the actually used configuration. Customers can specify both longitudinal (scanning direction) and transversal travelling ranges to expand the range of characterization area. Optionally, rotation and tip-tilt axes can be added to the motion system. This enables the user to automatically flip the optical component under test without disturbing the measurement environment by manual interference.

This complete metrology platform is designed for manufacturers without beamline access to deliver optical surfaces of extreme precision as required for, e.g., focusing or transferring x-rays in synchrotron applications. The SHARPeR platform sits in a special chamber to ensure the best possible environment for ultimate measurement results.

Thanks to Eurostars funding, two world leading companies are now working together to combine their expertise and deliver the complete turnkey system. Imagine Optic (France) develops the ultra-high precision Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor (HASO UHP) with exceptional wavefront measurement accuracy up to λ/1000 rms. Q-sys (Netherlands) develops the highly stable motion platform with excellent repeatability, ideal for optical metrology.



Description Specification
Mirror slope accuracy on X and Y (rms) < 50 nrad*
Mirror radius From flat down to 1.7m**
Spatial sampling 1.2 mm
Aperture dimension on mirror 18.0 x 13.2 mm²
Maximum mirror slope ±4 mrad
Mirror orientation Horizontal and vertical
Mirror surface With and without coating
Maximum mirror length 1.5 m
Transverse axis length custom
Rotation 305°
Tip-tilt ± 5°
Gantry (dimension / weight)  ~ 2. 5 m x 1.1 m x 1.7 m/ 5700 kg
Power consumption < 3 W, including gantry
Acquisition time 10 min/ 300mm ***
* Please contact us for measurement conditions

** For highly curved mirrors, multi incidence scans are required for reaching optimal accuracy

***  For one forward or backward scan


Service Documents

SHARPeR | Specification sheet