High-resolution metrology tool for optical systems

HASO3 R-Flex128 is an optical metrology tool with high resolution for characterizing wavefront aberrations of optical components or optical systems.

Key applications

  • Analyze the transmitted wavefront of optical systems with double path configuration
  • Characterize optical surfaces
  • Input a divergent beam for direct wavefront measurements

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The implemented wavefront sensor provides

  • highest-resolution, up to 16,384 independent measurement points
  • simultaneous and independent measurement of both phase & intensity
  • true absolute measurement
  • unbeatable accuracy and dynamic range
  • temperature stabilized for long-time measurements

HASO R-Flex unites Imagine Optic’s patented HASO Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensors with a collimator and a focusing module to provide users with a versatile and turnkey solution for precision characterization of optical systems and surfaces. Its standard accuracy of λ/100, λ/200 in double pass configurations, and insensitivity to vibrations or atmospheric turbulence enable users to perform measurements that meet the most stringent requirements for reliable, repeatable results. Even more, accuracy can be further increased if the measured aberration is close to the diffraction limit.

Because different users have different needs, the f/# of HASO R-Flex can be adapted to each user’s requirements by choosing the focusing module best suited for the task at hand. As the sample f/# defines the best focusing module, Imagine Optic offers factory models that are available from f/#=2 to f/#=30 to ensure maximum resolution, whereas custom models for special needs can equally be delivered. Please see the product page of standard focusing units.

Characterizing large optical components or complex systems is performed easily as the exit beam is divergent, thereby allowing users to set to focal spot to any point. When set at the centre of concave mirrors, surface defects can be measured and analyzed.

HASO R-Flex is delivered with WaveView wavefront measurement and analysis software that runs under Windows 7. It displays aberrations in real-time so that users can immediately see the effects of various positioning or alignment adjustments.

Its small footprint allows to it be easily mounted onto translation stages so samples can be measured on-axis or at any point in the field.



HASO3 R-Flex 128 Pupil size (mm²) Sensitivity rms (nm) (1) Relative Accuracy rms (nm) (1) Sampling points Weight (kg) Size (mm3)
14.6 x 14.6 3 4 128 x 128 1.6 80 x 194 x 270
Focusing Modules Focal length (mm) (2) F-number WFE rms (nm) (3) Working distance (mm) (4) Pupil imaging (5) Required power back (%)
MOD128-1A 4.5 1 180 0.6 YES* 80
MOD128-2A 9 2 160 1.2 YES* 80
MOD128-5.1 75 5.1 150 33 YES 4
MOD128-7.9 115 7.9 100 54 YES 4
MOD128-10 146 10 80 90 YES 4
AFO-x3 Afocal, x3 manification
* This product is a combination of MOD50-1 or MOD50-2 with AFO-x3.
(1) should be divided by 2 if the optical system under test is characterized by double-pass method
(2)  focal length of the module
(3)  WFE is the wavefront error at the output of the module for the largest included round pupil.
(4) distance between the focalization point and the first optics (alignement holes must be removed)
(5) YES means that the microlenses are imaged at infinity by the module.


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