Ultimate performance wavefront sensor

The HASO3 128 GE2 Shack Hartmann wavefront sensor offers unique measurement performance capabilities with the following key features :

  • highest-resolution : 16,384 independent measurement points
  • largest aperture dimension of 14.6 x 14.6 mm²
  • simultaneous and independent measurement of both phase & intensity measurement
  • largest available dynamic range
  • temperature stabilized for long term measurements

The HASO 3 128 GE2 offers the highest level of performance ever achieved with a wavefront sensor. It has been used with success in the most demanding applications in optical metrology and laser diagnostics, It is the ultimate candidate for demanding optical metrology applications in science or the industry.

HASO 3 128 GE2 is delivered with WaveView, the 3rd generation of wavefront analysis software. With just a few clicks, you will get access to wavefront measurement, reconstruction etc . WaveView offers more than 150 functions and optional add-ons enable you to go even further and calculate the PSF, MTF, Strehl ratio and the M².

WaveKit (or Software Development Kit – SDK) will enable you to interface the HASO 4 Broadband with any kind of OEM products and systems.

On request, customized software solutions, perfectly adapted to your application case can be developed . Our engineering team will ensure sustainable product integration and maintenance for a long product lifetime.


HASO3 128 GE2

Description Specification
Aperture dimension 14.6 x 14.6 mm²
Number of microlenses 128 x 128
Tilt dynamic range >±3° (1500 λ)
Focus dynamic range – minimum local radius of curvature 15 mm
Focus dynamic range – maximum NA > 0.1
Repeatability (rms) < λ/200
Wavefront measurement accuracy in relative mode (rms)1 around λ/150
Wavefront measurement accuracy in absolute mode (rms)² around λ/100
Tilt measurement sensitivity (rms) <1 µrad
Focus measurement sensitivity (rms) 2.5·10-4 m-1
Spatial sampling around 110 µm
Maximum acquisition frequency (sequential acquisition) 7.5 Hz
Processing frequency (CPU 3Ghz, 512 Mb RAM) 5.0 Hz
Working wavelength range 400 – 1100 nm
Calibrated wavelength range A (400 – 600 nm), B (500 – 700 nm), C (630 – 900 nm), D (800 – 1100 nm)
Extended wavelength range* A+ (400 – 700 nm) and B+ (500 – 900 nm)
Dimensions / weight 115 x 51 x 60 mm / 400 g
Working temperature 15 – 30° C
Interface / Power supply Giga Ethernet / 12 V / 6 W
Operating system Windows 7 and 10
HASOv3 metrology software included
External trigger yes
(1) Wavefront as seen by the device.

(2) Difference between the real wavefront and a reference wavefront obtained in similar conditions (5λ of shift max).

* sold separately

Content of product delivery:

  • Acquisition card
  • Ethernet cable
  • HASO WFS documentation 
  • Calibration certificate
  • Metrology Software HASO v3


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