Optical characterization tool for SWIR optics

HASO R-Flex2 SWIR is the optical metrology tool based on the HASO SWIR wavefront sensor , a collimator and a light source. It produces divergent output beam that matches the f/# of a component / optical system thanks to a broad variety of optical modules available.

R-Flex 2 SWIR Large Aperture (LA) is based on a HASO R-Flex2 SWIR and a beam collimator to provide reference plane illumination with diameter up to 150mm.

Examples of applications

  • Analyze the transmitted wavefront of optical systems with double-pass configuration
  • Characterize optical surfaces
  • Characterize chromatic aberrations
  • Telescope alignment and wavefront error measurement

HASO R-Flex2 SWIR combines Imagine Optic’s patented HASO Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensors with a collimator and a focusing module to provide users with a versatile and turnkey solution for precision characterization of optical systems and surfaces in the Short-wave Infrared range. Its standard accuracy of λ/200 in double pass configurations, and insensitivity to vibrations or atmospheric turbulence enable users to perform measurements that meet the most stringent requirements for accurate, reliable and repeatable results. Furthermore, the system was designed to keep the possibility to use the  HASO SWIR independently and swap between configurations very easily.

Because different users have different needs, the f/# of HASO R-Flex2 SWIR can be adapted to each user’s requirements by choosing the focusing module best suited for the task at hand. Several options of modules are available in standard and Imagine Optic can produce customized modules on option.

Characterizing large optical components or complex systems is performed easily as the exit beam is divergent, thereby allowing users to set to the focal spot to any point. When set at the centre of concave mirrors, surface defects can be measured and analyzed.

flat surface, window or plane mirror can be characterized thanks to the collimated output beam of the R-Flex2 SWIR LA. The optics to be characterized can be up to 150 mm in diameter.

HASO R-Flex2 SWIR has been designed to cover the 1.0 – 1.7 µm wavelength range. This broadens the capacity of the HASO R-FlexR SWIR to inspect optical components in term of chromatic aberrations for example.

HASO R-Flex2 SWIR and R-Flex2 SWIR LA are delivered with WaveView wavefront measurement and analysis software that runs under Windows 10. It displays aberrations in real-time, up to 20Hz, so that users can immediately see the effects of various positioning or alignment adjustments.

Its compact footprint allows to it be easily mounted onto translation stages so samples can be measured on-axis or at any point in the field.


Service Documents

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