Design and develop custom solution for your metrology systems

We understand that every component or system to be wavefront characterized is a project on its own. We have the ressources and the expertise to provide with a complete solutions tailored around your need and the HASO …Whether we’re talking of a simple one off lens / beam testing or an automatized machine in the production floor, we will analyse and provide with a technical solution that will meet your exacts requirements. Our wavefront sensors, solutions and expertise as won the trust and met with success in a lot of prestigious scientific projects and at companies operating in semi-conductors, consumer electronics, defense and space

Our area of expertise includes several engineering specializations, primarily optical metrology, opto-mechanical design, automatization  and software.

Examples of custom solutions

  • Customized R-Flex for 100mm-output beam

When a large characterizing beam is needed, we can design a collimating lens system to combine with HASO R-Flex and a focusing module. For instance, we delivered a x20 beam expander combined with the standard module MOD50-4 for HASO4 R-Flex50. The output beam has a diameter of 100 mm.

  • Customized SL-Sys, inspection system for liquid lenses

Imagine Optic has been involved in the development of the original active lenses, we have developed a turn key solutions compatible with both R&D and production environment. The solution relies on the innovative association of a clever double source, custom relay imaging system with a Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor. This architecture allows the measurement of the real optical power (focal length) for all applied voltages along with Transmitted wavefront error and response time.

  • Characterization system for eyewear industry

The quality of the optics can affect the vision quality and causes ocular fatigue and associated consequences such as headache. Also other wavefront distortions such as astigmatism can affect peripheral vision, cause discomfort and potentially put the safety of the wearer at risk. HASO wavefront sensor can be used to perform a quick and quantitative assessment of the optical quality of eyewear. Imagine Optic has developed an inspection technique for eyewear such as ski and swimming goggles. Wavefront information information is not only useful to respect the norm of the product but also the research and development.


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