Design and develop custom wavefront sensors to meet your applications

Available HASO off-the-shelf respond to most of main stream and advanced wavefront sensing applications. Imagine Optic has also the capability to offer custom wavefront sensors and software for projects requiring some specifics metrological performance or specific environmental conditions. We have been  involved in many demanding projects in both scientific research and industry, our solutions have always been successfully meeting their expectations.

We have many options in term of cameras  and we have the tools to design the solutions capable to meet with the most exotic and extreme requirements.

  • accuracy
  • high speed
  • extra large dynamic
  • light photons
  • tilt sensitivity
  • spectral sensitivity
  • footprint
  • data interfaces
  • low heat dissipation
  • specific environment conditions
  • mechanical interface
  • software features
  • sensing technologies


Examples of delivered specifications are

λ/1000 rms measurement accuracy

50 nrad tilt sensitivity

5000 photons/sec needed in the pupil

1 nm wavelength wavefront detection

200λ PtV of spherical aberration detection

– detection at 1E-7 mbar


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